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I bought a unicorn yesterday!!!!! ITS SOOO FLUFFY😍❤️😍❤️😍 #SeniorTrip2k14
Yesterday was awesome, and I had so much fun with my best friends (the only picture I took before my phone died)🏮 #SeniorTrip2k14
#SeniorTrip2k14 🌸 (Stolen from @anne_doll)
Where I spent the day🎭💕 (at New World School of the Arts)
Taken the day it all started💕 #ManCrushMonday #ImALoser
James Franco look-alike😍💕 #IMissNewYork #ThrowbackSunday @naliliii
Post-Grease exhaustion, tonight was awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better troupe. I love every single person who helped to make this dream a reality, but now it’s time to sleep😪💤💕
Who’s ready for some more Grease? #GreaseIsTheWord #Troupe6153
I’m a Beauty School Dropout💅 #GreaseIsTheWord #Troupe6153